How Secure is Lastpass

It can be quite difficult to remember the different passwords that you have used for a number of your accounts that you have online; especially if these passwords have lots of characters in them. With the use of password managers, you are given the solution of securing all of the passwords that you have for your various accounts. LastPass is one of the many known apps available out there that you can use for keeping all of the passwords that you use safe. However, many people wonder if the use of apps like LastPass are okay to use.

Is LastPass safe?

While there are plenty of ways that you are able to think of unique passwords, how can you be so sure that they will all remain safe while using an app like LastPass? LastPass will keep these passwords safe and secure in an encrypted vault so that you never forget what they are. This means there is no need for you to have to write all of these passwords down; which can actually be unsafe to do. Here are some features that you can also make use of with LastPass:

  • Add your payment info and address details
  • Make use of the browser extension that auto adds passwords for logins
  • Generate custom passwords for accounts that have sensitive information involved.
  • Receive notifications of repeat passwords used for different accounts.
  • Store other things such as digital records for memberships, etc.

Master Password

In order for you to create a LastPass account, you will need to create what is called a master password. This password also needs to be a strong password that would be very difficult for an intruder to figure out. You will need to come up with a combination of 12 digits that consists of upper case letters, lower case letters, symbols, and numbers. Since this password will be encrypted, you will need to make sure you remember it, because LastPass will not be able to remember it for you.

You will also find the LastPass offers its users a multi-authentication feature which means that you will need to complete extra steps for verifying that it is you logging into your account, and not someone who is trying to hack your account. Check this article for more info about the premium or free version.


End to end encryption is a great and useful feature that is offered by LastPass. This just menas before your information leaves your device it is encrypted. The encryption that is used by LastPass is called Industry-Standard TLS encryption. This encryption transfers your data between devices and servers for the purpose of protecting it from possible attacks.

Can LastPass be hacked?

With the encryption method that is used with LastPass, the information is safe because the only information that any potential hacker would be able to see is encrypted information. Someone would only be able to access your personal information if they found out your master password; which is possible to be done in various ways. One example would be someone hacking into your device if you forget to log out. However, if you keep this password safe and make it hard to find then you shouldn’t have any issues.

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