How to Import Passwords into Lastpass

The process of importing passwords from various password managers can be different, so when you go about looking for instructions you need to make sure that the instructions to do so are for the particular manager that you are wanting to import from. The instructions below are basic instructions for this process.

When using the web browser LastPass extension, should do as follows for importing your passwords:

Note: When performing this action you must install the binary component.

In the toolbar of your web browser, click on the inactive LastPass icon.

Type in your email address as well as your Master Password. Then click on ‘Log In’. You will then notice that the LastPass icon displays as “active.” Your toolbar will also indicate that the login was successful.

  1. Click the toolbar icon for LastPass, and navigate to the listed items:
    1. More Options then Advanced then Import.
    1. Account Options then Advanced then Import.
  2. Next, you will use the drop down menu to choose a Source from the list of sources that are provided. Follow the instructions on the screen that are displayed.

Importing from your LastPass Vault

  1. Log in to access your vault in LastPass; do one of the following:
  2.  Visit and type in your username to log into your account to retrieve your Master Password.
  3. On the toolbar in your web browser, click on the LastPass icon, then click on Open My      Vault.
  4. Choose ‘More Options’ on the left navigation screen. 
  5. Go to Advanced then Import.
  6. Using the drop down menu, choose your source from the list that is given for you to import from, and then follow the instructions on the screen.

 Importing Passwords from Other Sources into LastPass

If you are coming from a different manager to LastPass then you have probably spent a lot of time storing your passwords from this manager within the program using your browser. Just know that whenever you make the switch to LastPass from any other manager, the process is very simply.

Let’s further discuss one of the most common sources of which many people would want to import passwords from:

Importing Passwords from Chrome Password Manager

This process is basically explaining how you would import your person credentials from Google Chrome to your LastPass Vault. Check out our article of Lastpass free versus premium.

 So the first thing that you would need to do is open up Chrome, and click on the inactive LastPass icon that is located on the toolbar. Next, input your email address with the Master Password that’s on file and Log in. You should now be able to see the active LastPass icon on the toolbar which indicates that your login was successful.

  1. In the toolbar that is in your web browser, click on the LastPass icon, and navigate to the following:
  2. Go to More Options then Advanced then Import then Google Chrome Password  Manager.
  3. Go to Account Options then Advanced then Import then Google Chrome Password Manager.
  4. The credentials that are stored will be selected and you can uncheck the ones that you would not like to import to LastPass.
  5. Click on Import.
  6. Next you will click on OK when prompted, and your credentials will have been successfully added to your LastPass Vault.

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