What is LastPass Authenticator?

LastPass Authenticator is an app that is considered to be a two-factor authentication app to be used for your LastPass account needs. Basically what this app does is creates a 6 digit passcode or a one tap login code in order for you to access your LastPass account securely. The setup of this feature isContinue reading “What is LastPass Authenticator?”

How to Import Passwords into Lastpass

The process of importing passwords from various password managers can be different, so when you go about looking for instructions you need to make sure that the instructions to do so are for the particular manager that you are wanting to import from. The instructions below are basic instructions for this process. When using theContinue reading “How to Import Passwords into Lastpass”

How Does Lastpass Work

Using LastPass you’ll realize that there are a combination of useful features with various different tolls that come in handy. The newest version of LastPass has actually improved from the previous version. You truly do get a lot for your buck. You only pay $3 a month; that’s one of the best things about thisContinue reading “How Does Lastpass Work”

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