What is LastPass Authenticator?

LastPass Authenticator is an app that is considered to be a two-factor authentication app to be used for your LastPass account needs. Basically what this app does is creates a 6 digit passcode or a one tap login code in order for you to access your LastPass account securely. The setup of this feature is user friendly, and easy to use. If you are in the market for boosting your LastPass security, then this would be the right option for you. If you’re not sure whether to get the premium version, check our Lastpass Free VS Premium article.

What Is Two-Factor Authentication?
Being able to go beyond the typical password security is what LastPass Security is all about.  The Two Factor authentication ensures that you will be able to easily keep your personal information on file secured and protected to the highest extent possible. With the two-factor feature you are adding a double layer of protection versus a single layer of protection which gives you some peace of mind each time you log in. It ensures your personal information will always remain safe and secure.

The first factor that plays a role in this layer of protection is your username and your password. The second would be the choice of the user such as a code that is generated or the use of a fingerprint. If you use both of these options then attackers will find it impossible to get ahold of your personal information.

LastPass is actually known as being one of the first managers to offer the two-step authentication feature. There are 15 different options to choose from currently, with more coming to availability soon.

Why LastPass you should use Authenticator?
Please read the below reasons as to why you should use this app:

Enjoy a good experience: The experience of using the Authenticator is quite user friendly and easy to set up so many people are sure to love using it.

You can choose how to login: You have couple of options when it comes to choosing how you would like to log in. you can generate a 6 digit passcode, automated push-buttons or an SMS code.

Use it with more than Options: Where ever Google Authenticator is supported, you can enable LastPass.

  • When you have your phone with you at all times, there is no need to keep track of more than one device.
  • Know that you will always be protected from attacks.
  • It’s free!

Making things simple and convenient or the user is the goal that LastPass developers are trying to meet with the use of the authenticator option. With the authenticator you will find that it is quite easy to turn on the two-factor authentication for LastPass as well other options.

How Does LastPass Authenticator Work?
Okay, so let’s further discuss how you get LastPass Authenticator to work as an app on your computer. You can also use it on your mobile device as well.

  1. Go to the app store on your mobile phone and download the app.
  2.  Login to your LastPass account from your desktop computer or laptop computer so that you can access your vault.
  3. Launch the app and open “Account Settings.”
  4. Under the Multifactor Options choose edit LastPass Authenticator.
  5. Follow the on-screen prompts, view and scan the barcode with the LastPass Authenticator App.
  6. Choose your preferences and save the changes on your account.

How to use Lastpass

LastPass is an app that you can use for desktop if you have the Windows OS installed on your computer. With this app, you will be able to easily store and access personal information that you have saved within the app from the vault. You will be able to easily store up to a maximum of 5,000 items. However, you can expect performance levels to decline a bit when there are over 2,500 items stored in the system.

Note: Keep in mind, those of you with the free version won’t have access to the above mentioned amount of storage. Make sure you check this Lastpass VS Premium Comparison.


Some of the benefits of this application are as follows:

  • Auto prefill of your login information, and for your password to be remembered to easily login each time.
  • You can customize your preferences rather easily within this app. There are various tools and ways to manage your information within the vault to your personal likings.
  • Use the system tray icon for launching your application through LastPass.

Installing and Logging in

  1. Choose the version you would like to download (64-bit or 32 bit), and install it to your computer.
  2. After installation is completed the Inactive LastPass icon will be available in the System Tray. Click on this icon and then click “Login.”
  3. Enter your username when the login window pops open on the screen, and then you would need to enter the Master Password. You can also choose from these options:
  4.  Check off the boxes that allow you to choose the option for the app to remember your password and your email (of course this is optional).
  5. If you need help and forget your password, you can always choose the option: “Forgot   my password.” And then you will be able to easily reset it with the email that’s on file you’re your accounts.
  6. Clicking on the “Screen Keyboard” allows a new tab to be opened in the web browser to enter in your Master Password. You can type this in with this on screen keyboard.
  7. Click on “Create an Account,” if you are not an existing LastPass user.
  8. After you have logged in, you will see that an active LastPass icon appears in your try area. Click on the active LastPass icon to access all of the features that are available in the system tray for you to use. The tools that are made available will allow you to store all of your personal information. This information will autofill when you are signing up for various different websites.
  9. Next, you can add an application. Adding an application to LastPass isn’t very hard to do for storing your information. All you need to do is launch the application that you desire to add. Don’t log into the app when you do this. Click on the LastPass icon while it is active, then you select the desired application that you would like to add to your app. All of the applications that you add should be easy to access.

How to Import Passwords into Lastpass

The process of importing passwords from various password managers can be different, so when you go about looking for instructions you need to make sure that the instructions to do so are for the particular manager that you are wanting to import from. The instructions below are basic instructions for this process.

When using the web browser LastPass extension, should do as follows for importing your passwords:

Note: When performing this action you must install the binary component.

In the toolbar of your web browser, click on the inactive LastPass icon.

Type in your email address as well as your Master Password. Then click on ‘Log In’. You will then notice that the LastPass icon displays as “active.” Your toolbar will also indicate that the login was successful.

  1. Click the toolbar icon for LastPass, and navigate to the listed items:
    1. More Options then Advanced then Import.
    1. Account Options then Advanced then Import.
  2. Next, you will use the drop down menu to choose a Source from the list of sources that are provided. Follow the instructions on the screen that are displayed.

Importing from your LastPass Vault

  1. Log in to access your vault in LastPass; do one of the following:
  2.  Visit https://lastpass.com/?ac=1 and type in your username to log into your account to retrieve your Master Password.
  3. On the toolbar in your web browser, click on the LastPass icon, then click on Open My      Vault.
  4. Choose ‘More Options’ on the left navigation screen. 
  5. Go to Advanced then Import.
  6. Using the drop down menu, choose your source from the list that is given for you to import from, and then follow the instructions on the screen.

 Importing Passwords from Other Sources into LastPass

If you are coming from a different manager to LastPass then you have probably spent a lot of time storing your passwords from this manager within the program using your browser. Just know that whenever you make the switch to LastPass from any other manager, the process is very simply.

Let’s further discuss one of the most common sources of which many people would want to import passwords from:

Importing Passwords from Chrome Password Manager

This process is basically explaining how you would import your person credentials from Google Chrome to your LastPass Vault. Check out our article of Lastpass free versus premium.

 So the first thing that you would need to do is open up Chrome, and click on the inactive LastPass icon that is located on the toolbar. Next, input your email address with the Master Password that’s on file and Log in. You should now be able to see the active LastPass icon on the toolbar which indicates that your login was successful.

  1. In the toolbar that is in your web browser, click on the LastPass icon, and navigate to the following:
  2. Go to More Options then Advanced then Import then Google Chrome Password  Manager.
  3. Go to Account Options then Advanced then Import then Google Chrome Password Manager.
  4. The credentials that are stored will be selected and you can uncheck the ones that you would not like to import to LastPass.
  5. Click on Import.
  6. Next you will click on OK when prompted, and your credentials will have been successfully added to your LastPass Vault.

How Does Lastpass Work

Using LastPass you’ll realize that there are a combination of useful features with various different tolls that come in handy. The newest version of LastPass has actually improved from the previous version. You truly do get a lot for your buck. You only pay $3 a month; that’s one of the best things about this app is its low price.  

LastPass overview and features

LastPass is affordable compared to many other similar options that are available online to download. You can try this app out by just downloading the free version, or you can take advantage of paying a low monthly fee of just $3. If you are not sure if you should get Lastpass free or premium, we wrote an article about that. Typically you’ll pay the entire year membership of $36 upfront instead of making a month to month payment.  Many of the other competitive options available on the market cost anywhere between $30-$40 a month with the same features, so why not just pay less?

This service is quite versatile and can be used with just about any device. You can use it within your mobile browser or as a plugin on your web browser.

Note: Most web browsers will already have a notable plug-in auto information fill so you may have to turn the default one off before you can install the LastPass version.

You’ll like the fact that LastPass is known for its large amount of features. It is designed with security in mind. The features of LastPass are as follows:

  • Local Storage of Master Password
  • Two Step Verification Process
  • AES 256 Bit encryption
  • PBKDF2 SHA-256 and salted hashes
  • Auto-Fill of Passwords
  • Editing of Password
  • Password Generator
  • Password Strengthening feature
  • Autofill Web Forms storage of peronal information
  • Can be used from any web browser and mobile app
  • Security of note taking
  • Share your password and notes securely
  • Account recovery using SMS
  • Weak password Alerts
  • Duplicated password alerts
  • Automated removal of duplicate passwords
  • Password merging with Browser-saved passwords
  • Restriction of logins from chosen countries
  • Digital legacy sharing
  • Password or site searching

For such an affordable service, those are a lot of perks to take advantage of. However, there is much more to it than just these perks. Security is actually taken quiet seriously with LastPass creators. They understand that individuals and business owners will be relying on this app to keep their information safe and secure. This means that a lot of time is spent taking into account all important measures that need to be taken to keep this app a safe, trusted, and secure one.

Keep in mind if you plan on using the free service many of the features that are mentioned above won’t be included. If you plan to sign up for a family or business plan, there are additional features that you will also be able to take advantage of.

 Signing up for LastPass

Signing up for LastPass isn’t very hard to do at all; in fact, it’s quite easy. Last Pass is also very direct on the things that you get when you sign up for the app. There is no need for you to sign up with a credit card if you just want to try the app out. You can start by simply just signing up for the free version first.

How Secure is Lastpass

It can be quite difficult to remember the different passwords that you have used for a number of your accounts that you have online; especially if these passwords have lots of characters in them. With the use of password managers, you are given the solution of securing all of the passwords that you have for your various accounts. LastPass is one of the many known apps available out there that you can use for keeping all of the passwords that you use safe. However, many people wonder if the use of apps like LastPass are okay to use.

Is LastPass safe?

While there are plenty of ways that you are able to think of unique passwords, how can you be so sure that they will all remain safe while using an app like LastPass? LastPass will keep these passwords safe and secure in an encrypted vault so that you never forget what they are. This means there is no need for you to have to write all of these passwords down; which can actually be unsafe to do. Here are some features that you can also make use of with LastPass:

  • Add your payment info and address details
  • Make use of the browser extension that auto adds passwords for logins
  • Generate custom passwords for accounts that have sensitive information involved.
  • Receive notifications of repeat passwords used for different accounts.
  • Store other things such as digital records for memberships, etc.

Master Password

In order for you to create a LastPass account, you will need to create what is called a master password. This password also needs to be a strong password that would be very difficult for an intruder to figure out. You will need to come up with a combination of 12 digits that consists of upper case letters, lower case letters, symbols, and numbers. Since this password will be encrypted, you will need to make sure you remember it, because LastPass will not be able to remember it for you.

You will also find the LastPass offers its users a multi-authentication feature which means that you will need to complete extra steps for verifying that it is you logging into your account, and not someone who is trying to hack your account. Check this article for more info about the premium or free version.


End to end encryption is a great and useful feature that is offered by LastPass. This just menas before your information leaves your device it is encrypted. The encryption that is used by LastPass is called Industry-Standard TLS encryption. This encryption transfers your data between devices and servers for the purpose of protecting it from possible attacks.

Can LastPass be hacked?

With the encryption method that is used with LastPass, the information is safe because the only information that any potential hacker would be able to see is encrypted information. Someone would only be able to access your personal information if they found out your master password; which is possible to be done in various ways. One example would be someone hacking into your device if you forget to log out. However, if you keep this password safe and make it hard to find then you shouldn’t have any issues.

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