Lastpass Free VS Premium

If you are looking into trying out the services that are offered by LastPass, you should know that you have two options to choose from. Those two options are free, or a $3 per month fee for premium. There are many people that start with the free option in order to get a better feel for the app to determine whether or not it is an app that they would like to fully commit to. Keep in mind if you choose free at first, you can always upgrade to the premium option at any time. Now let’s take a closer look at what both of these options have to offer:

You should know that LastPass is considered to be on the best password managers that is made readily available for the public to use. This is simply because they offer a very cheap price for a service that many other competitors are offering for 3 times more the price. In this comparison of the free and premium options, we will compare what features you would be able to get out of using either one. So let’s go ahead and dive in!

LastPass Free

· With the use of the free option you will be able to access your account on all of your devices. You will also be able to easily log in from anywhere whenever you want.

 · The free option also offers its users the encrypted password vault which is quite useful when it comes to protecting your personal information. Your information will be stored together within in the system. You will be able to look at your personal information and change or edit it as needed. You can also easily organize your personal information into folders if you desire to do so to keep better track of it. Each item in your vault is encrypted, and what this means is that even if your account is hacked for some reason, the hacker would not be able to make out what your personal information is

· The Auto-fill feature allows for your information to be easily filled into spaces where login information is needed, addresses, names and phone numbers. They will all pop up automatically when you are filling out information online.

· LastPass can be easily used as a browser extension which means that it is inside your browser when you are ready to use it. There would be no need for you to activate LastPass in order to use it. This option makes it quite convenient for users.

· LastPass generates passwords for users automatically whenever you sign in with a new account; no matter when you are signing up from.

 · Digital backup copies of documents of your personal information, such as passports and credit cards can easily be stored with LastPass so that if you lose them they will be on file in the system.

· Auditing your passwords for keeping them updates has never been easier than when doing so with LastPass.

· The multi-factor authentication is what will allow you to create a double layer of protection for your personal log-ins.

· LastPass Authenticator is a feature that you can use within the LastPass app for free on various different mobile devices. You will be able to choose from three different options for logging in. These options include:

  • 6-digit codes
  • SMS Codes
  • One-tap Push Notification

· You will have the ability to use a feature that is known as One-to-One sharing which allows you to share your personal information with one other person. You can share information such as bank account information, passwords, steaming sites, and more. All you have to do is add the email of the person that you would like to share your personal information with. Now, even if you share you information with that one person, keep in mind that your personal information will still remain encrypted. 

So as you can see, you get quite a bit when you utilize the free plan, but they are still the basic features that are being offered within the app. It’s still highly recommended that you try out the premium app so that you can take advantage of all that LastPass has to offer its users. Keep in mind that you can choose to do a 30 day trial of the premium option.

Now let’s take a look at what the premium option has to offer users.

LastPass Premium

So just know that everything that you get from the free version, you will also get with the premium option, plus more!

 · Emergency Access however is one of the separate features that you will get with the premium upgrade of this wonderful app. This is when you can choose one person to have access to your LastPass account in the case that an emergency or crisis arises. This could be helpful in serious situations as well as in the case that you for some reason forgot your Master Password. All you have to do is enter the email address of the person of choice that you’d like to have access in the case of an emergency.

· Premium users also get treated like royalty in the fact that they are offered priority customer service. So if you have questions or concerns about your LastPass account, your issues will be taken care of before a member that is using the free option. You will notices that your issues will be resolved much quicker as well.  

· With LastPass premium you will be offered more storage space for backing up and securing more personal information than what you are given if you use the free membership option.

· The multi-factor authentication is advanced when using the premium membership. This means that the security that is offered is supreme and much more secure than what it is with the free membership.

· While the free version offers the user to be able to share their personal information with just one other person, the premium version allows you to be able to share information with several people all at once.

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